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Short Term Counselling

Short-term counselling is an ideal way to experience what counselling is like and whether you will find it useful, especially if you have never had counselling before. There may be a particular problem you would like to speak about, you may need support through a difficult time in your life or you may be someone who benefits from short periods of counselling throughout your life.


What to expect from short term counselling with me

Whatever your situation, at our first meeting we will agree the number of sessions we think would most benefit you and we then work with this time-limited period in mind, concentrating on the difficulty or concern that brought you to counselling. Often, this means that we don’t have time to think about every aspect of your life but having a time limit can often help you find a way forward in a focussed way—sometimes even difficult problems can be resolved in short periods of time. If during a course of short-term counselling you find that you would like to have more sessions, we can agree to extend the length of time we work together.



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