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Long Term Counselling


Longer term counselling, or therapy, offers you the opportunity to explore your situation in more depth and to increase your understanding of yourself and how your difficulties have come about. If you find that you have persistent worries, relationship problems, issues with painful emotions, feel stuck or frustrated, have several things troubling you at the same time or feel the need to understand yourself and your world better, then longer term counselling may be beneficial for you.


What to expect from long term counselling with me

Longer term counselling allows a relationship to develop and mature, which can provide a space for support and renewal. At our first meeting we will agree a period of time to work together, or even to leave it open-ended. We will have the time to explore your childhood, your past and  current relationships, your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. This can take time, but longer term counselling can help you discover what you need, what you are missing and what you can do to fulfil yourself and your potential.


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